Diversity & Inclusion: An Afterthought Or Commitment

3:15 PM – 4:30 PM | TBD

This workshop will first introduce participants to the core concepts of Diversity & Inclusion, in order to get a more humane perspective of what those words mean. The second part will be a facilitated workshop examining internal issues regarding HR & Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Supply Chains, and Marketing & Communications to address Diversity & Inclusion challenges and solutions. Lastly, participants will be given the opportunity to devise a Positioning Statement for their organization through the lens of DEI, as a means of defining engagement with potential B Corps from marginalized communities.

Facilitators: Julie Savaria (Emzingo), Ratsamy Pathammavong (Ramp Communications), Steven Hobé (Hobé Hosokawa Marketing)

Julie SavariaJulie Savaria (Emzingo)

Julie Savaria is responsible for Global Operations and Diversity within Emzingo, a leadership development and social impact consulting firm. A biochemist by training, Julie worked in clinical research for 5 years looking at the effect of environmental contaminants on child development, before completing an MBA degree from McGill university. It was during her MBA that she deepened her expertise in social impact and human-centered design thinking. Julie also worked for Ashoka Canada, as a network engagement manager

Ratsamy PathammavonRatsamy Pathammavon (Ramp Communications)

Ratsamy has over twenty years of leadership and partnership engagement experience in the social profit sector. She is passionate about positive social change. Throughout her career, Ratsamy has built authentic partnerships between communities, people, organizations and government. This strategy informs her approach to program development and advocacy. Her commitment to equity, accessibility, and inclusion is grounded in her lived experience as a disabled, racialized, first generation, refugee woman. When she's not building lego dinos with her son, Ratsamy is an avid fibre artist who always brings at least one knitting project with her. Ratsamy's pronouns are she/her. 

Steven HobéSteven Hobé (Hobé Hosokawa Marketing)

Steven has over twenty years' experience in the field of marketing and communications. He began his career in the radio and television in the early 90’s producing, directing, and hosting on camera. He founded his first company in the early 2000’s focusing on producing commercials and PSAs for TV & radio. In 2010 he formed Hobé Hosokawa Marketing aimed at providing strategy and implementation for healthcare and advocacy organizations, as well as sustainability, human rights, and the arts. Alongside his partner in life and business, Creative Director, Mitsuo Hosokawa, their company now focuses on marketing solutions for the sustainability sector and social enterprises, “Changing Minds To Ensure A Sustainable Future”. Steven holds the designation of Chartered Marketer (CM) from the Canadian Marketing Association. He also teaches Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behaviour courses at George Brown College. When he isn’t running his company, Steven is a professional voiceover artist for television and radio.