BLD Conference – Tuesday June 18th

8 am – 7 pm | Palais Royale | Open to B Corps Only

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Opening Keynote Speaker: Marc Castel

Keynote SpeakerMarc Castel’s passion for harnessing the true potential of business as a force for good has been shaped by over 30 years founding and running businesses that range from enterprise SaaS to medtech, manufacturing to astronomy and music to wine. His authentic and human approach to his work as a CEO, tech mentor and angel investor has touched countless start-ups in Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, where he has openly shared his knowledge and tools to help companies raise their game and win together.
Marc Castel is the co-founder of Fiix, a Toronto-based enterprise SaaS scale-up that has adopted the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet. Fiix measures its overall bottom line as the sum of its impact in each of these categories. Fiix became B Corp certified several years ago and has proven that doing good is good for business, driving higher revenue, greater employee engagement and higher retention.

Closing Keynote Speaker: Emily Mills

Emily MillsNamed to Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 list by Women's Executive Network and the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women list, Mills is an alumna on the rise. Mills is the founder of How She Hustles, a network that connects diverse women through events. The events focus on entrepreneurship and leadership, attracting as many as 400 guests, from CEOs to Olympians. Her digital photo series, HERstory in Black, featuring 150 inspiring Black women, earned national media coverage on CBC including a one-hour TV documentary. She was recently named to Canada’s national committee for the world’s largest gender equality conference. Mills also held a roundtable with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about entrepreneurship and economic opportunities for Black women.

Best for the world: Stories & Lessons from Leading the B Corp Movement

From this panel discussion, participants will learn how some of the biggest companies in the B Corp community have scaled their businesses and achieved unicorn status while maintaining a firm commitment to the B Corp principles of using business as a force for good.
Panelists: Jeff Golfman (Raw Office), Phillip Haid (Public Inc.), Shraddha Sekhon (Lucky Iron Fish), Ben Janzen (Kindred Credit Union). Attending the panel via live video: Rebecca Hamilton (W.S. Badger Co, Inc.), Saskia Van Gendt (method products, pbc.), Mike Bronner (Dr Bronners), Vincent Stanley (Patagonia)
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From Individual Contributor to Leader: Overcoming the Challenges

In this workshop, participants will learn the most of the many myths of management and dive into what it actually takes to be a good leader. The transition from an individual contributor to a leader is not without its challenges. Participants will learn the most common challenges and what to do to overcome them.
Facilitator: Katrina De Angelis (Westwood International)
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Measuring and communicating the business case of B Corp

Social and environmental impact can also have a positive impact on the bottom line. Use the power of the business case to translate the value of B Corp into terms that anyone can understand.
Facilitator: Alex Meers (WE), Jessica Butts (Delphi Group), Gillian Morgan (BDC), and a video from Ryan Honeyman (Lift Economy)
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Leaders of Tomorrow: WE Incubation Hub Program

B Corp Members will have the opportunity to hear from three young social entrepreneurs and how their ideas are impacting the world. 
Judges: Brent Smiley (Compugen Finance Incorporated), Shelley Mayer (Ramp), Gillian Morgan (BDC), Franchesca Hampton (Traction on Demand)
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Taking B Corp to the next level

During this all-attendee session we will discuss timely opportunities for B Corp leaders to advance a more inclusive, sustainable economy and society. This facilitated session is focused on exploring collective action, including collaborations and advocacy efforts. We’ll hear about exciting developments from B Lab and the wider B community, and together discuss connections and activities that will help us all take B Corp to the next level.
Panelists: Kasha Huk + Rachel Berdan (B Lab Canada), Michael Smith (IMPACT BRIDGE), Isabelle Rayle-Doiron (Danone Canada)
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Tools for Leadership

This panel discussion will provide participants with a variety of perspectives on how leadership can be created, encouraged, and grown in all levels of a business. The panelists will share a variety of perspectives and experiences of using technology, personal development, and non-traditional management models to create a culture in which everyone is, in fact, a leader. Participants will leave the panel with easy to implement tools, and executable strategies for seeing leadership come alive in themselves and their organizations.
Panelists: April Burrows (Flow Office Wisdom), Trishala Pillai (Myplanet), Melanie Wood (Grantbook), Ron Spreeuwenberg (HiMama)
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Personal Purpose: Leveraging the Power of Your Personal Brand

Storytelling can be the most powerful tool in your leadership toolbox. Learn from Social Storyteller Camille Dundas about how to tap into the stories you have within, to inspire your team to greatness.
Facilitator: Camille Dundas (Hootsuite)
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Diversity & Inclusion: An Afterthought Or Commitment

This workshop will first introduce participants to the core concepts of Diversity & Inclusion, in order to get a more humane perspective of what those words mean. The second part will be a facilitated workshop examining internal issues regarding HR & Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Supply Chains, and Marketing & Communications to address Diversity & Inclusion challenges and solutions. Lastly, participants will be given the opportunity to devise a Positioning Statement for their organization through the lens of DEI, as a means of defining engagement with potential B Corps from marginalized communities.
Facilitators: Julie Savaria (Emzingo), Ratsamy Pathammavong (Ramp Communications), Steven Hobé (Hobé Hosokawa Marketing)
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