BLD Conference Schedule


Before arriving, please be sure to read our Code of Conduct and Ground Rules. Please note, all meals, snacks and coffee/tea are included with your ticket.


8:00 - 9:00am

Registration and breakfast generously provided by our sponsor, Paintbox Bistro and Catering (General Area, by Check-in Desk)


8:20 - 8:50am

Optional: A guided walking tour of our beautiful venue, the Evergreen Brickworks. From 1889 to 1984, Evergreen Brick Works was home to the Don Valley Brick Works factory, one of Canada’s preeminent brickyards. Restored and revitalized by Evergreen, learn more about the history and geology of this site and how Evergreen transformed it into an award-winning community environmental centre and green technology showcase. Tour highlights include: A behind the scenes look at the ground-breaking, LEED Platinum, green technology used onsite Unique artwork and installations that reflect the sites geology, ecology and industrial heritage.

Meet at the Big Brick Press, across from the Registration Desk area.

This activity is first come, first served - up to 20 people (sign-up forms will be shared one week prior to the event). Sign up here. You also have the option to explore in your own group, use the time to network, visit the designated breakout room for some quiet time or explore the B Corp Expo marketplace.

Led by Andrew Simpson, Ecotone

Andrew Simpson


Spoken Word Performance by Eddie Lartey: Love, Heartbreak, Prejudice and the Value of Community (BMO Atrium)

Eddie Lartey is a Hamiltonian wordsmith who enjoys playing with both words and heart strings. He combines stories of love struggle and triumph with metaphor to create a unique literary experience.

Performed by Eddie Lartey, Fitzii

Eddie Lartey


Opening remarks, land acknowledgment and ground rules. (BMO Atrium) 

Our events MC is Amanda Wand, ME to WE



Keynote: Build Something That Matters (BMO Atrium)
With humble beginnings of acquiring a failing gelato shop in the midst of a recession with $1800 in his pocket, James’ disruptive vision for doing business differently, honesty in craft, and creative innovation of the Consumer packaged goods space, has charted a course for Fiasco’s business model and led to its success. Join us for a journey deep into the blueprint of a B Corp that has a magical story that will bring you to tears and share in the lessons of building a “not-only-for-profit” business that doesn’t only sell great products but helps make the world a better place. Followed by Q&A.

James Boettcher, Fiasco Gelato



10:00 - 10:45am

B the Change: Celebrating B Corp Journeys, Cross-Industry (BMO Atrium)
Panel discussion showcasing four B Corps within our community on what it means to be a B Corp in distinct industries, what they perceive to be the greatest value adds, challenges and opportunities of doing business differently. We'll also dive into the question of organizational leadership, looking at what is expected of businesses in today's landscape. 

Featuring Anthony Santilli (Bullfrog Power), Michael Gavendo (Intelligarde), Alison Lawler Dean (FLOW Water), Ron Spreeuwenberg (HiMama) and Roxanne Law (Diva Cup). Facilitated by Trishala Pillai (MyPlanet)



Break time! Grab a snack from a range of healthy options provided by our generous sponsors and make your way to a breakout session of your choice.

11:05am - 12:05pm

Morning Break-Out Session - Option 1 (BMO Atrium)

The Rise of the Conscious Consumer: Exploring the evolution of consumer choice and behaviour, and the subsequent rise of the experience economy.

Panel discussion featuring Dawson Marshall (People Against Dirty), Céline Juppeau (Kotmo), Jennifer Robinson (Public Inc.), Kathleen Song (VitaRock), Anna Pringle (Lucky Iron Fish). Facilitated by Vanessa McHugh (People Against Dirty).



Morning Break-Out Session - Option 2 (Second floor, Breakout Room) 

Workshop: Understanding and Measuring your Social Impact as a B Corp

We know you care about your impact on the world. Is your organization clear and aligned on what that impact is? In this hands-on session, you'll draft what your organization's intended impact might be - what you're trying to achieve alongside making money, and begin to think through what you'd need to do to accomplish it. Come and get on the path to greater impact!

Hands-on workshop featuring Lynn Ferguson, Sally Fazal & Sadia Jamal, Social Impact Advisors.


12:05 - 1:05pm

Enjoy a local lunch, provided with your ticket through the generous support of our sponsors. Catering is provided through Café Belong. (BMO Atrium)



1:05 - 2:05pm

Afternoon Break-Out Session - Option 1 (Breakout Room, 2nd floor) 

Marketing your B Corp with Purpose: One thing all B Corps have in common is a purpose that extends beyond simply generating profit. But, do your customers know that? Effectively communicating your purpose should be a key pillar of your marketing strategy. See how other B Corps have successfully built real brand value – attracted customers and employees, grown sales, and scaled their mission – by orchestrating their branding, marketing and communications efforts around the positive impact they are making. In this panel discussion, Ramp founder and president, Shelley Mayer will speak with prominent B Corps to uncover their secrets to marketing their B Corps with purpose.

Panel discussion featuring David Brouitt (Ramp Communications), Christina Zeidler & Tara McCallum (The Gladstone Hotel), Helmi Ansari (Grosche), Rami Helali (Kotn). Facilitated by Shelley Mayer, Ramp Communications



Afternoon Break-Out Session - Option 2 (BMO Atrium)

The Modern, Humane Economy: Leveraging collaboration and effective partnership models to accelerate growth and maximize impact. In this panel, we will be in conversation with norm-defying B Corps that leverage unconventional thinking, collaboration and empathy to accelerate their growth and maximize their impact. Exploring concepts like the fundamental shift we're starting to see but desparately need in business, effective partnership models, integrated networks, co-existance and competition, and looking at how building your empathy muscle allows you to be competitive and deliver value.

Panel discussion featuring Barbara Alink (Alinker), Jeff Golfman (The Raw Office), Alison Gibson (Paintbox Bistro), Adam Pesce (Reunion Island Coffee Co.), Andrew Garrett (Webuild) and Court Desautel (Neighbourhood Group). Facilitated by Trishala Pillai (MyPlanet).

BarbaraJeff GAlisonAdamAndrewCourtTrishala



Break time! Stretch your legs, meet some more of your peers, and grab a snack to power you through the rest of the afternoon. We'll have healthy snacks provided through our generous sponsors.


2:20 - 3:20pm

Late Afternoon Break-Out Session - Option 1 (BMO Atrium)

How to Get CFOs and CEOs Pumped about Sustainability Projects, Inside and Outside Your Organization: An interactive workshop that aims to help you with selling the internal and external case for great sustainability projects. Explore the power of leveraging internal and external sustainability champions, understanding personas and drivers of key decision makers and influencers within an organization, speaking your stakeholders' language and collaborating on proposals and reports. A session that will leave you equipped and enabled to win more!

Facilitated by Bob Willard, Sustainability Advantage and Andrew Simpson, Ecotone 

Andrew SimpsonBob





Late Afternoon Break-Out Session - Option 2 (Breakout Room, 2nd Floor)

Why Tech Needs More B Corps. Technology is no longer an isolated sector at the fringe of industry, it is a critical part of every company and can make or break a business. In this session, we'll explore trust, loyalty, responsability and other critical considerations, in booming, fast-paced industries, where technology is disrupting the way we think, live, work and interact with one another. 


Panel discussion featuring Katie Allen (Fiix), Preston Aiken (HireUp Youth), Brent Smiley (Compugen), Amanda Munday (HiMama), Anil Patel (GrantBook) and Paul Allard (Impak Finance). Facilitated by Trishala Pillai (MyPlanet)

KatiePrestonBrentAmandaAnilPaul AllardTrishala 




Afternoon Break

Take some time to stretch, explore the beautiful grounds of Evergreen Brick Works, grab a snack and get to know someone new.

3:35 - 4:25pm

Networking Session - SuperPowers of the B Corp Community (BMO Atrium and Breakout Room, 2nd Floor)

In this session, you will have an opportunity to share and learn about superpower talents in the Bcorp network. This will be an interactive session where you will have an opportunity to explore and meet others who share similar and different superpowers to you! Be prepared to have some fun and unlock the support within our community. If you are looking for someone with a specific super power or talent , you can connect during the “superpower meet up”. 

Reciprocity ring facilitated by Sischa Maharaj (University of Toronto Rotman School of Commerce)





Closing remarks and wrap up! (BMO Atrium)

Amanda Wand, ME to WE




BLD Evening Programming

Before arriving, please be sure to read our Code of Conduct and Ground Rules. Please note, dinner is included with your ticket and drinks will be available for purchase. 


Registration opens for the evening programming of BLD Ontario 2018, which is open to the public. 

5:00 - 5:45pm

Networking, dinner and drinks! (BMO Atrium)


Opening remarks and ground rules.

Our evening MC is Amanda Wand, ME to WE



Welcome note from Joyce Sou, Director of B Lab Canada and keynote by Dan Magliocco, of newly Certified B Corp Danone Canada. We'll have a toast to celebrate Danone Canada's certification (one drink is included with your ticket, with thanks to our evening sponsor Danone Canada).

JoyceDan M



Keynote speech: Canada’s B Corp Movement: What BDC has Learned (BMO Atrium)

Craig Ryan, Business Development Bank of Canada



Panel discussion:Beyond the Hype & Myths: Reframing Impact at Every Level

An open, honest and raw dialogue on building or contributing to socially conscious organizations amid the fundamental shift towards sustainability being the standard. This discussion will explore the nature vs nurture debate on intent and purpose, sharing stories about the opportunities and challenges of building a sustainable business, how to make the case for purpose within your business, how to make sure you're maximizing impact and accelerating growth. Hear perspectives from an enterprise, mid-market and emerging B Corp, a not for profit and government official, within and outside of our B Corp community. You don’t want to miss this mixed stakeholder dialogue! Panel followed by a facilitated Q&A.

Featuring Dan Magliocco (Danone), Bradley Foster (Patagonia), Philip Haid (Public Inc.), Russ McLeod (ME to WE) and Allyson Hewitt (MaRS). Facilitated by Trishala Pillai (Myplanet) and Amanda Wand (ME to WE).

Dan MBradPhilRussAllysonAmandaWandTrishala


Closing remarks and facilitated networking.